Jennifer Lopez says she's never had Botox. And I'm Nicki Minaj.

While recently discussing her new skincare line, 'I'm Real' songstress Jennifer Lopez says she's never had Botox as it's not her thing. 

She claims she's more into a natural approach when it comes to skincare. We get she's trying to promote her new skincare line but people aren't stupid. She may not have had Botox, but she's definitely had some fillers and other treatments to maintain her semi youthful looks over the years. 

The difference is, Ms Lopez has been very subtle with the work she's had done. Without make-up and filters, she still has wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet. But at 51-years-old this is completely normal. She takes good care of herself, eats clean and works out religiously. But to put it out there that she's never had anything done at all is quite misleading and a case of false advertising!


Lauryn said...

The woman is gorgeous, but this made me laugh out loud! Who does she think she's fooling... smh

Christina Porter said...

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