Mariah Carey ft. Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson | 'Oh Santa!' | New music video.

Mariah Carey snags Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson for a new rendition of her Christmas song 'Oh Santa!' 

The video just premiered, and those harmonizing whistles between Mariah and Ari at 3:05 was splendid! It made the song somewhat special simply because after 30 years in the game, Mariah has never whistled with anyone before. Ever. Historic moment. 

Jennifer delivered some powerful belts and sprinkled some soul into the song, which originally appeared on MC's 2010 album 'Merry Christmas II You.' Is this a patch on the original? Not at all, but the video was fun and festive which is what we all need right now.


nil said...

The whistles at the end... damnn that was amazing! This is great!

Elle said...

She collaborated with other female singers...I'm shocked...the only other female singer i can recall her songing with on a record that was "hers" is Whitney. Go ahead Mariah..

Lauryn said...

It's cute, but considering the hype for this remix, I expected a bit more. This is too similar to the original. Also I didn't like the set up for the video with JH and AG as backup singers.

I like the song, but I had hoped for more. I do hope that she gets her 20th #1 with this song. She deserves it.