Tuesday, 26 January 2021

J.Lo & Botox-Gate continues: "Don't call me a liar."

"Please don't call me a liar," says Jennifer Lopez. This woman is at the end of her tether! You hate to see it. People are still accusing her of getting Botox and she's had enough. Usually, if the same trolls are coming at you then wouldn't the best cause of action be to ignore them? 

When you do another interview pleading for people not to call you a liar, this only fuels their motive to troll you some more. I personally believe her when she says she hasn't had it. You see the wrinkles. Her face moves. 

It doesn't have that porcelain-stiffness associated to Botox. I do believe she's had face lifts and other serum treatments, but there's no crime in that. Most people do that to maintain their looks. It's called skin care and maintenance. 

Maybe if her face had resembled an atlas and she stopped taking care of herself would people feel validated to believe her?




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