Justin Timberlake's PR apology; just damage control...

JT would never have apologised to Janet and Britney if that documentary didn't air. The backlash got so bad, his management told him it could no longer be ignored. The PR person in his team that wrote it did a semi decent job. But no one is trying to hear a woke apology from him after almost 20 years. He has a new album and film coming out real soon. He's just nipping this in the bud before it becomes a burden for him later on down the line.


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Benny said...

I don't really care anymore because Janet Jackson didn't need to do that in the 1st place. I think the reason why she did it was to spark the roll out for Damita Jo but why did they do it in the 1st place? The Momentum After All For You was enough to push the Damita Jo album. For someone who thought she was above Madonna, why would Janet pull a Madonna type of stunt? Nothing was going to happen to Justin Timberlake anyway because Justified had already peaked. It was already successful, so what backlash was Justin really going to get? Janet was the one with a new album coming out & it was a stunt that went left. All For You had 2 #1s out the gate, I guess Damita Jo didn't have a single of All For You's caliber to really push the album & maybe Janet & her team/label felt that way too.

Mymy said...

I mean Justin definitely could’ve been more in her corner but he distanced himself. Then he lied on Britney, that’s was wrong. The media plays a large role in both narratives to be honest!

Remmy said...

The FCC received a record-breaking 500,000 complaints, CBS were fined $550,000, and the NFL had to pay their sponsors $10,000,000 in damages, so Janet wasn't the only one who suffered - as a result of HER performance choices, albeit accidental. They changed the stunt at the last minute, with barely any rehearsal time at that. I get that she's a creative artist, so I'm not blaming her - i have all her albums from the Janet era onwards on CD. But I feel like people want to use JT as the scapegoat because it was his hand. But all he did was what Janet/her team instructed him to. He also stated in 2006 that it was wrong that he only got 10% of the blame, and critiqued the media's harsher treatment of ethic women. Janet also said in an Oprah interview that he reached out to her after the incident. What more to people want - his blood? Lol

Toya said...

I saw that interview. I think people are more upset that he didn't do enough to publicly defend her at the time. I get the feeling he probably would if his PR team and management weren't in his ear. He was in his early 20s and they were probably like, "don't defend her. This will be career suicide given that you have not been punished." And his solo career was also just kicking off.

Remmy said...

I agree.

The B List said...

She did it bc Madonna and Britney made enormous news around the world for weeks with their, at the time scandalous (2003), MTV Awards ‘Like a Virgin’/‘Hollywood’ kiss.

Maybe her and her team felt a similar stunt, with Britney’s ex, on a big TV platform would receive the same coverage to push the Damita Jo album rollout.

Madonna actually defended her in an interview when the black lash against Janet started.

It is what it is. Sad that Janet basically lost her appeal bc of all the unfortunate shutouts by the big companies. But, let’s be real, there were no real hits on Damita Jo and 2.0. Y. O.
Like what a silly tile for an album. JD done give she the So So Deff makeover and failed her. Lawd fadda.

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