Ariana Grande's pay cheque is reportedly the largest in 'The Voice' history...

According to iHeart Radio, Ariana Grande is reportedly the highest paid coach in the history of 'The Voice.' She is receiving around $20-$25 million, and that's just for one season. 

 This is very respectful.
As suspected, a hefty pay cheque was something Ariana would not have said no to, given that the pandemic has put a stop to her current touring plans. 
She is still the IT girl of the pop industry and to not be paid in the 20s would have been seen as an injustice. The large pay would put her on par with Katy Perry who also gets paid $25 million for each season of American Idol.

A chick certainly knows her worth. Get money.


Anonymous said...

I gue$$ her payday makes more sense than Katy Perry's. Considering the circumstances of COVID & that Katy was coming off of a lackluster album when she got the Idol gig.