Piers Morgan's latest dig at Meghan Markle #SecretWedding

Funny how Piers Morgan keeps bleating on about Meghan Markle being a "liar" when he blatantly lied about meeting her at a pub. They never drank together at a pub at all, and no witnesses have come forward. He met her at a 'Suits' press junket ONCE during her visit to London. 

Past tweets further show he was actually a stan of hers and the show, tweeting her consistently with ZERO engagement from her end (embarrassing). 
Morgan was highly attracted to that woman and when she ghosted his ass, it hurt him to his very core. And since then he has bullied her relentlessly based on this fiction. 

As for his tweet below, three days before their big wedding day, Meghan and Prince Harry had a private ceremony between them in which they had their vows blessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. It may not have been official but to them they were spiritually married. No where did she say she signed anything. Can you imagine what would have happened if it had been a black man that had this unhinged obsession over Kate Middleton? There is no way a black man would have been allowed to use his media platform to rain down hate and verbally abuse a white woman.