Beyoncé chats with Harry Styles & Blu Ivy poses with her Grammy.

A photo of Beyoncé interacting with Harry Styles at last Sunday's Grammy Awards has now gone viral. Beyoncé shared the photo to her IGTV platform. The one thing that stood out about the photo is that... 

Harry clearly does not know how to wear a mask...
The way she’s ensuring HERS is secure... almost like she's trying to school him, LOL. Jokes aside, this is a pretty cool pic. 

She shared a backstage photo of herself hanging out with Billie Eilish, right before Billie's Courtney-esque transformation.
And of course, she shares photos of one of her daughter's proudest moments... Blu Ivy winning her first ever Grammy Award!


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barbie said...

so cute

Denis Rancourt said...

toya, fuck the mask

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