Thursday, 18 March 2021

Keyshia Cole announces retirement, promises one more album.

Keyshia Cole has taken to Twitter to announce her retirement from music. She says album 8 will be her last so she can enjoy being a full time mom to her boys. However, she has not ruled out future performances. There has been no set release date for her final album. 

Without the attachment of a Frankie-assisted reality show, interest in her music has waned.
Not to mention she lost a lot of respect following her appalling behaviour during her Verzuz battle with Ashanti back in January. 

Over the years her feuds with other artists received more publicity than the actual music itself. Latest single 'I Don't Wanna Be In Love' came and went. And while she will be missed by a handful of fans, the rest of the population at large probably wouldn't even notice. No one can be condemned for wanting to commit more to their children at all. And walking away from a 16-year career would not have been an easy decision.

A series of tweets below:


Remmi said...

"Calling All Hearts" is probably my least favorite KC album, hehe. I personally think her last decent album was "Point Of No Return", but my favorite is "A Different Me". I'd have liked to have heard her experiment a bit with a different style and sound - she has a transferable voice and image, but she's pretty much stuck to the same formula throughout all her albums. Unfortunately in this digital era of music, relevance can rely heavily on rebranding and going with what's current. I wish her the best of luck.

Toya said...

It's funny you should say that because I hated 'Point of No Return' with a passion. The tracks were very mixtape-ish and the music videos looked like they were filmed on a standard android and created with Windows editing software. It's like the whole era was carried on a shoe string budget. But look... different strokes for different folks. She had some gems though, and nothing will ever come close to her debut and sophomore.

Remmi said...

I'm only familiar with 1 or 2 of the music videos (Love Letter and Next Time). But in regards to the budget, that album probably features her most varied mix of producers (Tim Kelley, Troy Taylor, Mike Will, DJ Mustard, Stargate), and they don't come cheap. But absolutely different strokes for different folks, and I agree none of her albums touch her debut. "Just Like You" was just okay to me. But minus "Long Way Down", all the songs on "Calling All Hearts" were very samey and boring in my opinion.

Remmi said...

*I'm only familiar with 1 or 2 of the music videos (Love Letter and Next Time) any neither of those look that cheap to me, but I love those songs that much that I didn't particularly pay attention to any of that.

Toya said...

Yes those producers are high calibre and wouldn't be cheap. They just didn't give her their best work. I just felt like the entire era was underwhelming. But I'm glad you liked it, as did a lot of others.

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