Lil Mama: ❝Alicia Keys & Jay Z ignored my attempted apology.❞

Remember when Lil Mama crashed Jay Z and Alicia Keys' 'Empire State of Mind' performance during the 2009 VMAs? Both artists later criticized her for it, but when she attempted to reach out and apologize, neither responded. Her admission came after being baited by an Instagrammer. 

Most people would have just ignored. After all, everyone did stupid things when they were young.


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Donpapillon said...

No one owes your apology acknowledgement. Young or not, she knew she was wrong. It was funny though, lol.

Toya said...

Definitely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

But why is she acting like it's been quiet for her after this? Didn't she get praise for her performance as Left Eye in the TLC movie after this? Like, c'mon Lil Mama!

Remmi said...

She already spoke about it years ago in a documentary about her life (which was surprisingly quite good).

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