Saturday, 10 April 2021

So... Keri Hilson ❝talked it out❞ with Beyoncé!

Keri Hilson's diss track 'Turnin Me On' remix leaked in 2009, angering Beyoncé fans. Beyoncé released mean anthem 'Bow Down' in 2013 as payback. Recalling the time they met, Keri says it was a gracious moment when Beyoncé introduced herself (which she appreciated). 

Apparently, B understood what had transpired and according to Keri, there was some "healing" in that moment.

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Unknown said...

We still talmbout this tho?

Toya said...

Blame the interviewers for keep bringing it up lol. The only thing that's remotely interesting about her is Bey fans hating her ass, and blogs know this. AP also asked her about it this week too, but she's not saying anything we didn't know except she was forced to record it. I wasn't aware of that.

Anonymous said...

Keri Hilson & Polow Da Don fell for the Blog Hype back then. Keri's 1st single Energy TANKED & it was crickets, then, The original Turnin Me On blew up on Urban Radio & the R & B charts & on the blogs like MTO, Concrete Loop, Necole Bitchie, Thatgrapejuice & Toyaz_world, she & Polow got GASSED UP, & then she did the renix with Wayne & T-Pain, dissed Ciara & Beyoncè but Single Ladies was a huge Pop Culture Phenomenon at the time & Keri, Polow & Timbaland started coppin the plea when Keri got the backlash! That's pretty much what happened.

Anonymous said...

Yet & still, Knock You Down went on to become her BIGGEST HIT off that album & of her career with Kanye & Ne-Yo, even after she dissed Beyonce & Ciara, so it isn't like everyone immediately turned on her after the Turnin Me On remix. They probably stopped working with her after the Pretty Girl Rock led 2nd album sold less than her debut.

Anonymous said...

They met at the 2009 bet awards... Keri said that years ago in a interview. NEXT!!!

Toya said...

show me the interview please. Thanks.

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