Little Mix cut down bosses for wanting a lead singer | Euphoria magazine

Remember when Gary Barlow said Little Mix needed a lead singer? They were trying to give the role to Perrie Edwards but the charitable queen just wasn't having it. 

The girls claim music bosses was also pushing for a lead singer, but Jade Thirlwall says the secret to their success is that they are all on equal footing. Speaking on the Zach Sang radio show in the US, Jade says they have always had the same vision together. 
Neither of them wanted to outshine each other because in a group dynamic, once that happens cracks start to show, and egos begin to grow. 

She's right. PCD was too Nicole-centric. It was basically "Nicole and her back-up dancers," and this certainly caused some tension. After some time, everyone eventually gets tired of being in someone else’s shadow.

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Michelle said...

You made a good point about PCD. How do think Destiny's Child was able to navigate it? Because it felt to me it was definitely Beyonce's show with the other girls in the background..I feel girl groups like TLC, All Saints and the Spice girls were good examples of all members having relatively equal exposure or balance with no one predominantly always outshining the others. Destiny's Child came across to me as lopsided like PCD..thoughts?

Toya said...

I agree. But I also think Mathew Knowles was just using the group to prepare Beyoncé to go it alone later on down the line. Her singing all the leads, and being spotlighted the most was just blatantly obvious.