Teyana Taylor opens up about retirement reasons.

Teyana Taylor's music career just wasn't popping. 

All her singles flopped. Real artists like her tend to struggle. Evidently, she quit in frustration feeling very unappreciated.

Seems we're getting a retraction of sorts (as we've come to expect these days). Perhaps there may be some light at the end of the tunnel? 

This week, Teyana opened up about her reasons for early retirement. She announced her shock decision in December, much to the dismay of fans. She said she was putting in all the effort and got 10% of that effort back from Kanye West’s label and had asked to leave several times. 

On a more positive note, she says her retirement isn't permanent. But can West solely be blamed for her being so overlooked? We're living in a new era where her brand of music is harder to market outside of a sexier image and even then it's all luck of the draw. 

It's not like she's hurting for gigs. She's making a tidy foray into acting and she's the creative director of Pretty Little Thing. 

Speaking on the Sip ‘N’ Smoke show, here's what she had to say below.