Thursday, 27 May 2021

Normani finishes debut album + eyes summer release.

Normani discusses the sound of her debut album to W magazine and says the project will still be palatable to wider audiences. According to the publication, her debut studio album is finished and will be released this summer. 

See quotes below.
A few days ago on Instagram Stories, she hinted something "iconic" was underway.  

It's quite concerning that the last time we heard an artist talk this much about an album was when Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga hyped up 'Bionic' and 'Born This Way' respectively and it didn't end well for them. I remember Gaga telling RWD magazine in 2010 that the project would "change the world," like she was expecting to get her 'Thriller' moment. 

Of course that simply didn't happen and fans
were left disappointed when the project didn't match up to previous albums. We can only hope this has a better fate for Normani.


Unknown said...

Born This Way was huge tho. What’s bionic?

Toya said...

It wasn't a flop. It just didn't meet the hype.