Adele headlining Vegas residency?!

Vegas residencies use to serve as retirement plans for older legacy artists past their prime. Now more and more artists under the age of 35 are doing them simply because it has become a profitable goldmine. Next in line to do one is Adele, allegedly. Vital Vegas are reporting that she's set for Sin City as early as next January, three years after she previously attended Celine Dion's Vegas show in 2018. Seems a bit premature given that she only has three studio albums under her belt. Fans would like her to stop kekeing at NBA basketball games with the new fella and start releasing some bloody new music. 


Anonymous said...

Once Beyoncè(Live At The Wynn) Drake & Cardi B had deals in Vegas, no one was exempt. So nothing surprises me anymore. So Usher, P!nk & Adele doing residences is not really shocking.

Consciousness Community said...

I feel like after a year and a half of a pandemic, with a new variant spreading, the less traveling that needs to be done, the safer. Plus the convenience of not having to bus or jet across a country or continents is not a hard sell.