Britney Spears officially files petition to remove father from conservatorship...

Britney Spears and her lawyer Mathew Rosengart has officially filed a petition in court to remove her father Jamie Spears as her financial conservator. The plan is to have him replaced by Jason Rubin, who has quite the repertoire as a certified public accountant. He would reportedly have all financial authority to manage her estate, along with powers of attorney to make health care decisions. 

Her lawyer is certainly playing his cards right. He's well aware having the conservatorship completely removed would be too hard a swing to pull given the case's history. It would be easier to remove her father first and then file to end the conservatorship afterwards, which is what Rosengart is aiming for. 

Pimp Daddy Spears will now have to pay his own attorney fees should he decide to fight his removal from the conservatorship. Britney's next court date was previously set for December 13th, but was yesterday pushed up to September 29th. Can you imagine not being allowed to spend your own money on basic essentials like a new pair of shoes? Abuse! 

As I say, I've missed a lot since the month I've been away, and Ms Spears has finally found her voice and has been lashing out at this conservatorship on Instagram. Posts like this I deliciously live for!!!!