End of an era: The X Factor axed after seventeen years...

Simon Cowell’s 'The X Factor' has been cancelled after 17 years. The show birthed the careers of UK’s biggest stars, including Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, JLS, One Direction, Little Mix and many more. Cheryl Tweedy, who once punched a toilet attendant in the face, was able to use the show to rebrand her image as "the nation's sweetheart." Memorable moments saw Alexandra Burke do her ugly cry while collaborating with Beyoncé. And Leona Lewis had so much hype she was hailed the British Mariah Carey. 

Where is Ms. Lewis going to go now to relaunch her musical comebacks? I'm kidding. But seriously, this was long overdue. The show had lost it’s way in the end peaking from 2006-2010. When it thrived, it was fantastic. Then it grew painfully repetitive and predictable. Viewers got fed up of the same outdated formula. Plus... during the ratings war, Strictly was slaughtering them week after week, year after year. The show certainly had a good run though. R.I.P.


Anonymous said...

RIP The Xfactor!

Best moments:

Beyoncè & Alexandra Burke
Kelly Rowland's Judging season
Leona Lewis wins & Bleeding Love invades The US!!!

Joe Cola said...

“ Where is Ms. Lewis going to go now to relaunch her musical comebacks?”

You know what… lmao.

nil said...

Hahah you are right about ms lewis though… I just don’t get it… I really thought she would be here forever making hits and where is she Now?

Remmi said...

At last!