Dua Lipa pulls a Lady Gaga with homophobic rapper DaBaby...

Homophobes and paedophiles are scum of the earth, and should be held accountable for their vile actions. Sex offenders go to jail, but a homophobic person can literally say anything abusive and not face any criminal penalties. Pop songstress Dua Lipa came under serious pressure to have rapper DaBaby removed from her 'Levitating' remix after he made violently homophobic remarks at a Rolling Loud gig this week. Her team has reacted by having the remix cut from multiple Apple Music playlists including Dua’s own Essentials playlist, where it has been replaced by the original solo version. 

The song is an actual bop and DaBaby wasn't really needed to begin with. But as far as I'm concerned they have not gone far enough as the remix video is still up on YouTube. When sex offender R. Kelly was exposed in a documentary for his predatory, abusive ways, not only did Lady Gaga delete their collaboration from all streaming platforms, she did a holy water cleansing on YouTube. Gaga had their very sexualised performance on Saturday Night Live completely eradicated off the platform, as well as the official music video. 

It took close to 25 years for R. Kelly to finally get cancelled. His predatory activity has always been known. Yet, his career remained unaffected until that documentary came out prior to his prison sentence. So while DaBaby won't face any criminal penalties for being a homophobic piece of sh*t, he has lost brand endorsements (BooHooMan being the latest), got dragged by Elton John, lost all respect from the industry and will most likely be blacklisted as industry folk won't want the association any more.


Anonymous said...

I remember the Lady Gaga/R.Kelly situation, allegedly, the reason Gaga & her team totally separated themselves from R.Kelly at the time was because she was up for an Oscar in A Star Is Born & they didn't want to jeopardize her chances of winning the Oscar for Best Original Song!