Should Black women stop going on Love Island?

The humiliation levels young black women on UK's Love Island encounter currently has been the worst I have seen in any given season. If you thought the seasons with Samira and Yewande were bad, this current one takes the cake!!!! Kaz Kamwi is a very attractive woman. Yet... no man chose her in the beginning (as we've come to expect) and by default she had to couple up with screw loose Toby. She failed to recognise the signs that he wasn't attracted to her (though this was painfully obvious to the viewers.) When he moved to Chloe, he failed to give her the heads up, and even flaunted it in her face. 

Bombshell Rachel Finni came in and had to save one of two men to couple up with. A lose lose situation given that she wasn't their type on paper. She chose conniving Brad, who lied to her face when he told her she was his specific type (he later admitted she wasn't his type at all!). They even got intimate. However, as soon as she saved him from getting dumped from the Island, he dropped her for Lucinda. Yesterday's episode was the first night of Casa Amor. In an attempt to break the ice, the men played truth or dare with the newbies. 

Beautiful Salma Naran was completely ignored when the men had to kiss which women they were attracted to. If you're not white and blonde, you don't stand a chance basically. Over the years, black women have been consistently shunned, and it's been hard to watch. It doesn't matter how pretty she is. The show is a definite self esteem killer, often painting black women as undesirable. It will eat away at her confidence. None of them have had issues attracting men on the outside, so surely they must be second guessing themselves? I totally get that most of them go on the show for opportunities, to further their careers (as well as Instagram followers) and also to bag the Pretty Little Thing deals, but at what cost? Their pride? Their mental health? What some of them don't seem to realise is that lucrative contracts are only dependent on how long you manage to stay on the show. I've been watching the current Love Island USA back to back, and the difference and contrast is absolutely insane.