Author denies claims by Aaliyah’s mother that book was promoted at cemetery...

Author Kathy Iandoli — whose book 'Baby Girl: Better Known as Aaliyah' was released last week - has vehemently denied claims made by Aaliyah's mother that she'd visited the singer's gravesite in New York to promote the biography. It's very unfortunate for the fans that their tourist attraction has been taken away from them due to some people's greed. 

The book was not authorized by Aaliyah's family, and appears to have a lot of conflicting theories about the day of her passing. Such a tactless and disrespectful move on her behalf. When her family reads things like that after twenty years, it is very triggering. Any profits Kathy Iandoli makes from this book should go to the singer's Memorial Fund or she deserves a legal battering where she gets sued for every f*cking penny.