Teyana Taylor reveals she underwent surgery to have breast lumps removed...

During a recent episode of her E! reality series, 'We Got Love Teyana & Iman,' Teyana Taylor reveals she underwent emergency surgery after discovering several lumps in her breasts. Teyana discovered the lumps while she was in Miami to shoot an ad campaign and was nervous because cancer runs in her family. After a doctor performed a biopsy on her “dense” breast tissue, the results fortunately came back fine. 

Same thing happened to my younger sister where she found lumps and I assisted her to the hospital. Fortunately, they were harmless cysts that eventually disappeared. It was triggering because breast cancer and cancer in general runs in my family. My mum and her niece were both diagnosed with breast cancer at the exact same time in 2018, weeks after my mum's youngest sister passed away from lymphoma, a cancer of the blood. We'd just buried my aunt and BAM, two more family members get struck. They are both fine now thankfully. Cancer is no joke, and everyone has been impacted by it in some way.