Britney Spears gets the ❝crazy woman❞ narrative after sharing bathroom story...

If burning down her home gym wasn't enough, Britney Spears recalls locking herself in the bathroom at 2am, and being forced to call her boyfriend and security for help. Intriguing story if I say so myself. I was actually rationalizing with her until... she drank the cold, curdling and bacteria-ridden coffee! It was sitting in her bathroom for hours. 

Anything in the air could have flown into it (flies, dust particles, etc)
I try to stay away from mentioning her Instagram posts because I feel like that's her safe zone to being expressive, as well as to deflect from the horrors she's currently going through. As expected, many news sites are running the narrative of a "crazy woman who locked herself inside a bathroom," when she just wanted to share a metaphorical story on Instagram with her fans.


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Remmi said...

Nothing reads as crazy about the story to me, not even drinking the cold coffee given the context,but I'm a mental health practitioner by profession lol.

Toya said...


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