Tinashe doesn’t consider herself ❝underrated,❞ but ❝a legend in the making.❞

In just two days time, Tinashe will drop her new album '333.' She's very proud of the project, but one thing she's not here for is anyone that keeps pushing the "Tinashe is underrated" agenda. She tells Grammy.com, that she's aware such comments are coming from a good place. However, "it's been really crucial in my own understanding of myself to not view myself as underrated, but as someone who absolutely has made an impact and is exactly where I'm meant to be and be comfortable in that." She stresses the importance of not getting caught up in the numbers, streams and 'likes.' 

She also says she's "looking at herself more as a legend-in-the-making, as opposed to someone who's underrated." As an independent artist passionate about her craft and continuously pushing her limits to explore her artistry to the fullest, she most certainly deserves the accolades. However, an independent artist can only achieve so much if support is only lightweight.

'333' drops this Friday on August 6th.