Britney Spears reflects on career highlights before conservatorship.

When Britney Spears was in her prime, she was bad ass. The biggest pop star on the planet. Completely untouchable. She wasn't the greatest singer, but she was one of those super stars that knew how to utilize her stronger abilities and push them to the forefront (dancing, showmanship, infectious pop tunes). It certainly detracted from her other incompetence's (vocals), and of course it helped that she was sexy as hell. 

When you're able to perform the way Britney did... let's just say no one was going to her concerts for her singing because no one cared. *wink* Last night, she took to Instagram, and reflected on her major career milestones before she was put under a very restrictive conservatorship and following her very public breakdown in 2008. 

Her favourite year must have been 2001 because she shared brief clips ranging from performing 'The Way You Make Me Feel' with Michael Jackson, to performing with *NSYNC at the Super Bowl XXXV, to performing 'I'm a Slave 4 U' with a live python at the VMAs. All three events took place that same year. Another greatest accomplishment she reflects on is winning a Grammy for her hit single 'Toxic' four years later. 

"For some reason I feel like the world needs to be reminded... I may dance in my living room now but I sure as hell know who I am," she captioned the footage. She concluded: "Most of these accomplishments were from BEFORE the conservatorship." And with a mic drop, she tells her detractors to "kiss my white ass." Looooove it.