Facebook protects Lizzo from racist, fat-shaming trolls following breakdown...

According to TMZ, Facebook and Instagram are removing racist and fat-phobic comments directed at Lizzo from their platforms. The singer recently broke down on Instagram Live over the weekend after being subjected to such comments when her new single and video for the Cardi B assisted 'Rumors' debuted. 

Are they doing this because Lizzo's emotional breakdown went viral? It should not have taken a viral breakdown for them to react. It should have been done much sooner. She has suffered vile, hateful remarks for a while now. Over the years, there have been so many trolls on social media hiding behind ghost profiles. They have less than 10 followers and think they can say all sorts of vetriol just because they are protected by anonymity. It's good Facebook and Instagram have taken this step, but it should also protect everyone. Will Twitter be next?