Lizzo featuring Cardi B | ❝Rumors❞ | New music video...

Grammy Award winning Lizzo debuted her Cardi B assisted new single 'Rumors' today, alongside some Greek mythology inspired visuals. The muses from Disney's 'Hercules' were also recreated, while addressing the many rumors surrounding their lives.
The keyword here being 'Disney,' with a few curse words thrown in to make the song sound less kidz bop. 

Lizzo's rap-spoken delivery is very theatrical and the song itself, as fun vibes as it is, screams pure vintage musicals. With a Tik Tok-friendly chorus powered by trumpets, 'Rumors' is clearly more pop leaning to attract that extra commercial appeal. Though Cardi's verse elevates the song, the cut itself isn't good or bad. It's just there. Lyrically, it is borderline corny, but should do well on pop radio. Maybe this is a grower, but I'm certainly in no rush to hear it again. Cute visuals though.


Remmi said...

Doesn't do anything for me, but none of her songs have done so far. I like Cardi's verse. Recently all these visuals for various artists (Lil Nas X, Shenseea, Cardi B etc) all look the same, like they're all directed by the same person and trying to recreate the essence of FKA Twigs' works.