Lizzo & Cardi B’s ❝Rumors❞ secure top 5 debut on Billboard Hot 100...

If anyone has something to celebrate, it's Lizzo. Her Cardi B assisted single 'Rumors' debuts at #4 on this week's Billboard Hot 100 earning the songstress her third top 10 hit (and Cardi her 10th.) Does the song have potential to get to number one? It sure does. Lizzo's entire Instagram page is practically a meme and she has a very strong presence on Tik Tok. 

She gets depressed when people say horrible things about her, but it's when people stop talking, regardless of whether it's good or bad, is when she should start worrying. A performance at the VMAs would elevate the song for sure, and having Cardi (damn near) giving birth on stage would certainly be a moment.