BluPrint’s FULL performance of ❝Skeletons❞ | BET Presents The Encore

For those that missed it, BluPrint's FULL performance of 'Skeletons' is now available to watch. Kiely has always been more prominent in dancing than singing. Despite not being able to sing, at least her voice still has character. If anyone really stood out for me in this performance it was Shamari. The moves, the attitude, the vocals... a serve! Pam came out of nowhere, and honestly, it makes no sense to join a show if secular music wasn't on her agenda. The twins have no star quality. The gals will most likely do a mini tour, and make several appearances. A lack of music video is quite telling, and won't result in a follow-up. However, I hope they have fun and make some coin however long this journey lasts.


nil said...

I think i’m the only one but i have this EP on repeat now for the last 3 days😂😂😂