Rihanna steps out in NYC for first time since billionaire status announcement...

After being declared an official billionaire, Rihanna was spotted running errands in New York City yesterday morning, looking totally laidback and casual. It was her first outing since the announcement she had become the richest female musician in the world thanks to her Fenty Beauty brand. Clearly aware that she was the number one topic of discussion, Ri decided to come out completely dressed down. Her face and eyes totally shielded, all while smelling like money. So many folks have commented on how amazing she smells, which gives people real incentive to go out and buy her new scent 'Fenty Parfum' which hits the shops on August 10th. No, this isn't a personal ad. I'm just saying.

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Urban Lady said...

I remember from your old blog where you posted when Rihanna was almost broke because of her shady accountant at the time.

Now at look her having almost two BILLION dollars at her disposal. That's crazy...

Toya said...

I know lol

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