Rihanna’s mullet RETURNS | Promo ad for ‘Eau De Parfum.’

It's BACK! Rihanna bringing back her signature mullet is NOT a drill. She arrived at her friend Yusef's birthday party last night sporting the look she seems to be soooo infatuated with. I call it her "confirmation of relationship" look because the mullet is what she sported when we saw photos for the first time of her and A$AP Rocky enjoying a romantic stroll in Barbados last Christmas. I must confess... I don't really enjoy Rihanna’s mullet. Yet, you can only rock one if you look better than her. I don't make the rules. Rihanna does.

Living her best life as a billionaire...

She also shared a promotional video for her new Fenty fragrance, ‘Eau De Parfum.’ Do you know what's mind boggling? 
The fact that the closest we will ever get to new music is Rihanna frequenting a studio to record her little perfume and Fenty Beauty ads. Now let THAT sink in.


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Joe Cola said...

The commercial is horrible. Wow.

Remmi said...

I agree lol

CWB said...

Would have been great without the audio… love her tho!

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