Ariana Grande’s stalker has been terrorizing her for seven months...

According to TMZ, a man who showed up at Ariana Grande's home and pulled a knife on her security has been stalking her for seven months. Brandishing a knife, he told her security "I'll f*cking kill you and her." Ariana is seeking a restraining order. She says she fears for her life and family's safety. Without the restraining order, she believes Aharon Brown will continue to come to her home in an attempt to injure or kill her. 

This is why celebrity names attached to million dollar homes should not be made public in the media. There are pictures of her house brazenly posted right beside the articles! Didn't a rapper get murdered recently at his home after his address was posted online? Every time Rihanna buys a home, pictures and the location are always revealed. We know Rihanna has had her fair share of stalkers showing up at her place of residence. Brown can still get to her, even with the order. He needs to be in prison, and serving a lengthy sentence for the physical death threats alone. People have been locked up for far less!