Rihanna sparks pregnancy rumors at the ❝Life is Beautiful❞ music festival...

Rihanna recently supported her man A$AP Rocky during his set at the 2021 'Life is Beautiful' music festival which was held in Downtown Las Vegas. She looks so good! Ri was walking that runway with almost as much vigor as she did at the Victoria Secret show which she literally ended years later. The video is sparking pregnancy rumours due to a bump being visible. She's clearly wearing a corset and the busk can give an illusion of a bump. 

The fact that she's wearing a tight corset is making me convinced she is not preggars. I feel she would have worn loose fitting clothing which is always the biggest giveaway. I doubt she would endanger a pregnancy just for the sake of fashion and looking good. Right now I'm swaying towards NOT PREGNANT... yet. People have been eyeing her uterus and playing 'find the bump' with her womb for the past five years now. At this rate, Rihanna should be a mother to five kids.