Beyoncé’s new song, ❝Be Alive❞ described as a ❝catchy pop banger.❞

An independent producer that specializes in film marketing describes Beyoncé’s new song 'Be Alive' as a "catchy mid/fast pop banger." The track was recorded for the soundtrack of Will Smith’s new film ‘King Richard’. According to Tim Horsburgh, lyrics in the chorus are said to include the line, "it feels so good to be aliiiive, my family with me by my side." 

He attended the first screening at the Telluride Film Festival last Friday, and after revealing such details, ol' boy is worrying about Beyoncé's lawyers pulling out that NDA as we speak! Who knew Beyoncé could do a mid/fast tempo song right? Now I'm actually racking my brains trying to visualize this song in my head.