Kelis teases new music | Is she readying a comeback?

Classically trained chef Kelis, who now owns her own farm is looking to take a break from her business in selling sauces, by embarking on a music comeback. In a recent Instagram post below, the mother of three casually replied to a fan saying that new music is coming on October 8th. 

This woman truly was the blueprint! There was no other black woman on the scene like her when she first came out. Some would even say she was the original Rihanna. And since Rihanna is enjoying her billionaire cheques and doesn't want to do music anymore, having Kelis back on the scene is very welcoming. 


Jrocka said...

Im ready even the collaborations she did after album Food were dope! I always loved Kelis as she was always forward and outside the box with her music! In Europe she is huge I just wish the US gave her the same respect! All her albums are solid and consistent 🔥🔥🔥🔥