Leona Lewis ❝plotting❞ to take Mariah Carey’s spot as ‘Queen of Christmas.’

It's Saturday. I'm bored. So I guess I'll entertain this. Leona Lewis is reportedly putting in a bid to becoming the UK’s answer to the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. She is said to have recorded several new tracks for a brand new Christmas album set for release in December. 

Leona’s 2013 single 'One More Sleep' has become a Christmas staple in the UK, and 2020 was the year the track encountered the most success. The former X Factor export is reportedly hoping she can enjoy the same annual impact Mariah enjoys with her very lucrative, festive classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You.' First of all, there can only be one Queen of Christmas and anyone who thinks their festive music can have equal footing to 'All I Want...' is delusional. Thank you for the laughs.


nil said...

Thank you for the laugh too 😂😂