Mariah Carey | 20 years of ❝Glitter❞ #anniversary

Mariah Carey released the 'Glitter' soundtrack, 20 years ago today. Despite the Loverboy-led album being released the same day as the awful 9/11 tragedy, this cannot be blamed for one of Hollywood’s most notorious flops. The album, which revisited disco, funk and 80s, was actually quite banging. 

The issue at hand was 'Glitter' being dismissed due to the film flopping hard upon its release 10 days later. It was a case of the album suffering by association. Collateral damage. Despite being pegged a flop era, 'Glitter' sold 661k in pure sales overall in the States and almost 3 million worldwide. In deed, it was commercially her worst selling album at that point, but a lot of our current artists now would embrace this type of flop if it meant they could push those exact same numbers today.


Lauryn said...

I love Glitter. The album was/is great. I think it was a combintation of factors. Loverboy was not a good single choice at the time, 9/11 and the movie being a flop didn't help either. But the album is so good!

nil said...

Everything (including Charmbracelet) had to happen for her to have the Emancipation of Mimi. That said, i love Glitter i just really do not know which single would Have been best to set things off. but i love every song on that album.

The B List said...

Should have release “With You” feat JaRule who was the it Rapper at the time. This song is cute, catchy and I’m sure the video would have been topnotch.