Adele officially announces new single ❝Easy On Me❞ & release date...

Adele announces new single ❝Easy On Me,❞  to be released Friday, October 15th!
Adele is back. This is NOT a drill. Adele is 100% officially back! 

The 33-year-old also shared a preview of the new song and its black and white music video. It appears she is releasing a ballad for the lead single. Perhaps the more uptempo stuff will arrive later? The announcement follows reports that she's looking at November 19th for the album release (Hits Daily Double). Other reports say her team approached several broadcasters and platforms (specifically Netflix) about the idea of making a TV special linked to the new album (Vulture). Adele season has officially arrived, but are YOU ready for the take-over?


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Shawn_Haughton said...

A ballad??? Low-key I hope this flops sooooo hard lol. I'm tired of people going crazy over her for no reason. I hope people have opened their eyes about how overhyped she is. Make her bring the heat, don't fall for anything.

Remmi said...

It's giving Hello part 2 feels. I liked Hello but not sure if I want another, but I'll wait and see. Roll on 15th!

Toya said...

She's playing it safe for the first single because she doesn't want to alienate her fanbase but yeah, let's wait and see what else she has in store.

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