Alicia Keys unlocks artwork for new album, ❝Keys❞ & debuts new single ❝Best of Me.❞ ♫♫

Alicia Keys drops new single ❝Best of Me❞, and unlocks the cover art 
for her upcoming album, ❝Keys,❞ due on December 10th.
The record which samples Sade’s ❝Cherish The Day,❞ comes with 
two versions of the song (Unlocked & Original). 

One version is more stripped down, while the other is more vibey courtesy of production from Mike WiLL Made-It. The song was co-written with Raphael Saadiq. The Unlocked version has an intro reminiscent to Destiny’s Child ❝No No No.❞ I thought we were going to get a kick-ass club banger, but apart from the added instruments there really isn't that much difference between the two versions. The Unlocked version is definitely better and vibey; enough so to chill to, while necking down a few beers, lounging in your patio and smoking a few blunts! 


nil said...

i dont even hear the difference...or is it me?
and what a boring song..

Scoopz said...

Its a nice track. Nothing mind-blowing, nothing id race to play again, but as a part of a chillout themed playlist I wouldn't be mad at it.

Jrocka said...

I like it

Remmi said...

It's giving me Sade. I like it.