Mariah Carey’s portrayal in ❝Luis Miguel❞ Netflix series has lambs seething...

The final season of Netflix’s ❝Luis Miguel: The Series❞ aired 
last night (October 28th), and Mariah Carey fans are not happy.
Former Sugababes singer Jade Ewen portrayed Mariah in the series, 
but the portrayal is all sorts of messy. 

The bombshell revelation in their relationship was that Mariah Carey was cheating on Luis Miguel with "Eric" (Her 'Glitter' co-star Eric Benet and ex Derek Jeter are names that are being thrown out there as guess work). Miguel's passive aggressive behaviour towards Mariah appears to stem from his insecurities of her being the bigger star in their relationship. Every time he felt he was being undercut and devalued, he would take it out on her. There are also many timeline errors in the storytelling. Mariah actually met Luis in Aspen at the close of 1998. But the show's narrative depicts him meeting her at a restaurant in Aspen in 1995. In 1995, she was still married to Tommy Mottola. The show has a scene in 1997 (which would have been the 'Butterfly' era) where Luis is lusting over a Mariah Carey music video for 'O Holy Night.' Mariah did not film that video until 2001!!!! If Luis himself was directly involved in this series, why does he not know his own history?

 Scene 1997 of 'O Holy Night' depicted in the series:
But the video was shot in 2001, the year they actually split up:

More messy clips below: