Ariana Grande samples TLC’s ❝Waterfalls❞ for unreleased cut, ❝You.❞ ♫♫

Don't go scrapping 'Waterfalls...'
Back in 2018, Ariana Grande revealed that 'You', a scrapped track from her ‘Sweetener’ album had sampled TLC’s signature hit, 'Waterfalls.' Over the weekend, the song was leaked online. It's presumed they could not get clearance for the sample and it possibly would have eaten a large chunk out of the album's budget. Thoughts?


Joe Cola said...

I’m glad they rejected it. It’s garbage.

The B List said...

I’m glad they rejected it. It’s garbage

Remmi said...

I agree. Had to stop listening to it before it tainted my recollection of timeless masterpiece that has no business being sampled by anybody, yet alone Ariana.