Lizzo catches backlash for saying Chris Brown is ❝her favourite person in whole f*ckin world.❞

Lizzo’s favourite person in the whole WORLD is Chris Brown?!?!
“Can I get a picture with you because you’re my favourite person in the whole f*cking world.”

In footage that has now gone viral, Rihanna fans are fuming at Lizzo pandering to woman beater Chris Brown backstage at his 'Millennium' tour over the weekend. If dude refused to take a photo with Lizzo, would she still have considered him “her favourite person in the whole f*cking world”? Whoever uploaded the footage is certainly aiming to end this woman’s whole career. Lizzo my girl, this isn't the hill you want to die on. 


Remmi said...

To be fair, she called him her fave person whilst asking him for the pic, not aftwer he gave it to her. It's not that deep imo, she's entitled to like who she likes, and let's not act like we don't all still listen to his music, or watch his videos, even out of curiosity to see what they sound or look like.

BoiNice said...

I'm confused why there's blacklash tho?

Cloudi Hugo said...

Naaa I let Chris go. I have empathy for him being a victim but he’s continued to abuse women. Love Lizzo but this was very much pick me behaviour.