Britney Spears & Sam Asghari spotted viewing new homes...

Britney Spears and fiance Sam Asghari toured a $16.5 million home in the Hidden Hills area this week. 
Cosmetics and YouTube guru Jeffree Star previously owned the multi-million dollar mansion.
Britney reportedly wants to start her life as a married woman in a new home. It is said she feels there are too many horrible memories attached to her current house, which was bugged by her father previously. The potentially new home boasts seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, two guesthouses, a 4,700-square-foot garage, a 3,700-square-foot barn, a gym, a movie theater and much more. The house is excessive and looks too much like a resort but she probably likes it because of its seclusiveness. If Britney is going to have little sprogs running around she is going to want maximum privacy. 
Her conservatorship is expected to end on November 12th.