Beyoncé accused of white-washing her skin again...

Beyoncé's appearance in the latest ad for Tiffany & Co. featuring the Carters has 
sparked accusations that the advert has been edited to lighten the singer's natural skin tone.
According to critics, her skin tone has been lightened to make her look ❝white European,
and in doing so, this sends the wrong message that black is less desirable. 
This reminds me of Beyoncé’s L’Oréal ad when they were accused of lightening her skin tone for mass appeal. Beyoncé is naturally light skinned and has consistently shown love towards her blackness. I don't think she goes out of her way to look like a white woman but I do believe she turns a blind eye to companies white-washing her looks if that means she gets to benefit. I think that is just bad lighting. Of course being light already is only going to add to the Casper-y effect!


Remmi said...

She may be naturally light, but she sure made sure she didn't look like that in "Black Is King" lol.

Anonymous said...

Beyonce will NEVER respond to this, She doesn't even do interviews anymore.