Chlöe Bailey finally ditches the blonde colored locs...

Chlöe Bailey has ditched her platinum blonde locs for her darker 
natural shade…but it might just be temporary!
Chlöe's natural locs are amazing.
Someone should tell her that wrapping blonde hair over her real locs for a color change was not her best look. They looked too thick and a bit on the dry side. Not many will be advocating for her to return to the blonde any time soon. Darker locs certainly brings out her beauty more.


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Anonymous said...

I actually like the blonde dreads.... Maybe I'm tripping.

Jrocka said...

The blonde locs grew on me

Da'Von said...

I actually enjoyed the blonde locs as well...Can't quite put my finger on why, but it just worked for her...but she definitely looks BEAUTIFUL either way though!

Consciousness Community said...

I liked the blond locs because they were bold though the darker locs are super flattering too. I’m here for either because I’m sick of these critics coming for her like they do all these woman artists of color.

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