Doja Cat & Ariana Grande block their own ❝Grammy❞ submissions to support The Weeknd...

Doja Cat and Ariana Grande NOT submitting any of their recent collaborations with The Weeknd 
for the Grammys is in support of his boycott of the ceremony. 
As a result of this, the ❝Save Your Tears (remix)❞, ❝You Right❞ and ❝Off the Table
will no longer get a look in. 
Bye bye then. As talented as he is, The Weeknd's work is not really that Grammy worthy. Other artists will know not to collaborate with him in the future since they have seen for themselves his hissy fits every time he doesn't get nominated for certain awards.

Via Hub Doja: 


Remmi said...

Surely truly supporting him would be blocking their entire catalogs, not just their collaborations with him which they probably had no choice in the matter over anyway?

I agree, His music does nothing for me really, I hated his last album and only liked "I feel It Coming and "Die For You" off the "Starboy" album.