Jesy Nelson ditches the fake tan in new set of photos...

The Queen of Bubbling Under charts decided to share a new photoshoot 
with a caption that references her latest single, 'Boyz.'
“My muma won't see what I see in ya” she wrote.
Jesy Nelson finally broke her silence after that Instagram Live debacle with Nicki Minaj a week ago. She took that fake tan off and straightened her hair real quick. On Live she revealed she was wearing her natural curls to show off her real hair type. The new “hood” agenda has yet to be deactivated as she's still seemingly cosplaying as a young hood girl rocking baggy hood fashions emulated straight from the 90s.


Gia said...

The thing is it looks like she’s had so much work done it doesn’t even matter if she fake tans.

Remmi said...

@Gia, I agree. She's starting to resemble the late Pete Burns.