Beyoncé looking fabulous in Venice, while Jay-Z plays paparazzi...

Beyoncé posted new pics with the Me, Myself & I  hair while being wealthy in Italy.
Paparazzi shots showed the singer wearing this Saint Mojavi Parla dress at Tiffany & Co. heir 
Alexandre Arnault’s Saturday wedding to Geraldine Guyot in Venice, Italy.
We also didn't get a very good look at the dress until now because she was wearing a stylish Dolce & Gabbana trench coat and matching Paciotti satin sandals. She paired the look with a Marzook crystal sphere clutch. The entire outfit costed $7,405 (roughly 6-9 months rent) and that doesn't even include the jewellery! It serves as no coincidence that today is the exact 18th anniversary of 'Dangerously In Love' cut ‘Me, Myself & I.’ Bey still looks as fresh and youthful as she did back then. 


Scoopz said...

She is so beautiful.