Leona Lewis disappoints fans with Christmas re-release...

Leona Lewis has announced that she is re-releasing her 2013 Christmas album, 
❝Christmas, With Love Always❞ which is out on November 12th. 
Alongside the re-release, Leona will serve as one of the judges in new Paramount+ show 
❝Queen of The Universe,❞ TV's first drag queen singing competition, which streams from December 2nd.

Fans are disappointed with a re-release that will only feature two new songs; A Bee Gees cover called 'If I Can't Have You,' and a collaboration with Ne-Yo called, 'Kiss Me It's Christmas.' She says she ❝poured her heart and soul into this project.❞ Oh really?!  Sure looks that way... Was it really too difficult for Leona to just record a new Christmas album altogether? Or is she just not trying anymore? The new music will be released on November 2nd. 


Seth said...

How do you pour your heart and soul into two songs and one is a cover? I used to love her, but her last album was 6 years ago. I don't think her heart is in it anymore.

Toya said...

It's because she knows she will never have a major comeback and sadly the demand for new music just isn't there. Only her fans are anticipating it and her fanbase alone isn't enough.

Seth said...

Right, I used to be excite for her new music, but I lost interest when I felt like she did