Nicki Minaj defends Jesy Nelson: ❝I can name other US singers that tan just as much.❞

Nicki Minaj has defended Jesy Nelson in the latest blackfishing row. 
A TikToker wrote, "What is it with Brits and their love for excessive tanning? 
Blackfishing isn't cute luvs xox."

Under the comment section, the rapper stresses that she knows American singers that tan just as much as Jesy. 
So do we, Nicki. Your other pop bestie, Ariana Grande. 

For example...
Yeah. Deja Vu.

Following the Friday premiere of their new single 'Boyz,' Jesy has received a lot of mass criticism for branding herself with this whole “hood” blackfishing aesthetic when she is a 100% white woman from Romford. Maybe Jesy isn't aware that she can still create R&B and Rap music without blackfishing. There are a lot of white artists that do urban music but don't take it to the extreme of trying to physically look racially ambiguous. Her and that Iggy chick are like the Rachel Dolezal's of the music world. 


Remmi said...

Apparently that pic of Arianna is photoshopped.

Not to speculate but I remember when Nicki before she blew up and her skin complexion was considerably darker than it is now, so she might want to speak on herself as opposed to "other US singers"?

Re Jesy, I think people should be free to tan as much as they want, but it's all the other stuff she's done around the tanning to embrace black culture when it's convenient to do so (clothes, hair, music) that makes it difficult to overlook the blackfishing. There's a clip I saw on Twitter where she's being interviewed and speaking quite ignorantly about curry mutton and other carribbean dishes. I don't recall any comments of support from her around Black Lives Matters (I could be wrong), or support around Leigh Ann's documentary about race. She just needs to be the girl we were introduced to at X Factor auditions.

Toya said...

I agree, and yeah, I changed the pic lol.