Normani & Megan show off their best dancehall moves at Cardi B’s 29th birthday bash...

Normani showed out for Cardi B’s dancehall-themed 29th birthday party in Los Angeles.
❝She betta wine up her likkle self pon dis!

Have you ever been to a dancehall-themed party where a crowd just stood there and did no dancing? Judging by the clips, hardly anyone was engaging to the music. You will probably see more dancing and energy at a bloody ballroom prom. Unfortunately, LA was not the place for a dancehall party and the Queen of Ratchet should have known. Normani and Megan Thee Stallion had to offer up their entertainment services for the night. They certainly didn't disappoint getting it in with their Yardie-style dance moves!
Beyoncé wishes Cardi B a Happy Birthday via her website!



Remmi said...

How can you tell from those super short clips that that was the vibe of the room? I've never been to a dancehall gig in a room filled with Jamaicans that was anything short of energetic, and that's just at run of the mill events, yet alone one blessed by the presence of Spice (the Queen of dancehall), Megan, Cardi and Normani!

Toya said...

There are loads of clips on social media. I just couldn't be bothered to post them. 🙈

Remmi said...

😆 ah fair enough