Leigh-Anne Pinnock accused of ❝bullying❞ Jesy Nelson; unfollows Nicki Minaj...

Leigh-Ann Pinnock has now been tarred with the angry black woman narrative 
after she took issue with Jesy Nelson's blackfishing. 
A source close to the singer said she was devastated about Leigh-Anne 
sparking racial hatred and a new wave of intense trolling towards her. 

She reportedly told pals she couldn't believe "someone she once called family could be so cruel." It's weird that someone in her back pocket is saying this when Nicki Minaj went on a day-long smear campaign against Leigh-Ann on Instagram Live and Twitter. That woman just gave birth to twins. She should not have to deal with all that crap. Jesy has also been dragged for laughing when Nicki went in on Leigh-Ann during an Instagram Live calling Leigh a ‘f*cking clown.’ 

Jesy is getting major backlash now. She's been trying to distance herself, throwing it out there that she was not aware Nicki was going to have that type of outburst. Maybe not. But she was seen laughing and nodding in agreement. She could easily have stopped Nicki and defended the woman she called a "sister" for 10 years. Leigh-Anne has now rightfully unfollowed Nicki Minaj on Instagram.


ChesterSpence said...

Who cares if she just had twins, she trying to mess up Nicki’s eventually comeback. Nicki has nothing to do with their ish, but trying to mess up Jesy’s solo path while Nicki is on the first single. Nicki wants a hit! She has every right to come hard on her. I’m a 44 year old man. I can believe I even care. And I haven’t even listened to the song Boyz (on purpose). Geesh!

RL said...

Jesy was doomed the moment she linked with Nicki. Nicki's fans can shoot you to the top of iTunes, but can't hold you there, as it shows in the US.

If they didn't come for Jesy on the blackfishing, they would have for working with Nicki and all the bad press around her. Should have just dropped the track with no features.

Seth said...

Nicki should have just minded her own damn business. This had absolutely nothing to do with her. She defends a blackfish over another black woman, goodbye girl. Good luck with this comeback you speak of. Nicki just killed her own career. No one is here for her predator & paedophile supporting ass anymore.